“Mommy & Me”, the new limited collection by MARASIL

With infinite love and care, FRAGOS S.A. has created a limited flash Marasil collection, specially designed for mums and daughters. The “Mommy & Me” collection comprises three different designs, 2 dresses and 1 skirt, made of identical fabrics that satisfy different types of taste and style. In this fashion, the joy of dressing becomes fun, expressing mum and daughter love and bonding in a unique way. As a representative of the company stated, “Our children are part of ourselves, we love them more than anything else; and apart from being their mum, aunt or godmother, above all, we want to be their friends! We all recollect our schooldays, back when wearing the same bracelet or blouse as our friend’s would be a sign of love and friendship! These memories have been an inspiration to us, so as to revive the same emotion, this time with our kids!” The collection was launched during Eleni Menegaki’s show, on Alpha TV and totally delighted all Marasil brand friends, both female and male. The famous show host looked utterly stunning on the setting, having one of the two dresses on and –as expected- she was absolutely loved by TV viewers. Discover for yourself the new Mommy & Me collection on www.maisonmarasil.com