Maison Marasil New Concept Store – A new era for Fragos S.A.

FRAGKOS SA is proud to present its first Maison Marasil shop at 9-11 Agias Paraskevis Street in the heart of Halandri, introducing an entirely new concept.

The shop spans over 160 sq. m. and is reminiscent of a home hence the name Maison Marasil, French for Marasil’s house.

The light furniture, large advertisement photographs, the suspended wooden ceiling, neon lighting, fun changing-rooms, carpets and the special lighting make up the new decoration of Maison Marasil. This style offers a warm and modern atmosphere which piques the interest of young and old alike, bringing a new experience to the world of children’s clothing and embracing the new mum, giving her one more incentive to purchase from this shop.