Our People

The success of our company depends on our human resources which constitute our greatest competitive advantage.

For us at FRAGOS S.A., our people are the most valuable component of our business. The success of our company depends on its people who compose its development and future progress.

From the very first day our executives become members of our family, thus we give a strong emphasis on their continuous development and education. For this reason, every position has a prospective advancement plan.


Throughout the selection process of our people we search for prospective leadership skills that could bring value to our business. For us, every position is a leader, a member of a team that works closely and always sets high goals .

The leadership skills of our people here at FRAGOS S.A.:

1. “They think Big”
2. They insist on reaching optimum results
3. They believe that time is of a great value and insist on delivering optimum results on time
4. They support their beliefs with strong arguments and do not hesitate to disagree
5. They want to learn constantly
6. They manage to achieve the best result at the lowest possible cost
7. They listen, respect and gain each others trust
8. They hire the best
9. They are obsessed with their clients and they always make sure that their every action adds value to them
10. They are honest and self-critical and they are not afraid to admit their mistakes
11. In every project undertaken they function for the good of the company and not only for the good of their team
12. They have innovation as a main drive on their daily routines
13. They think long term, thus they do not sacrifice the long-term good for short term results
14. They thoroughly analyze every project undertaken and they review and interpret every result strategically