Social Responsibility

The company operates with responsibility towards children by paying great attention to the quality of its products.

One of the fundamental values and key principles of Fragos S.A. is the contribution to society, children and family.

The company’s goal is not confined to contributing to kids’ fashion, through the design of high quality products, but it is also to enhance the creative development of children’s personality in a safe environment with balance, and equal opportunities. Thus, the company operates with responsibility towards the children, by supporting organisations caring for children’s and families’ welfare.

A socially responsible company cannot ignore the environmental protection, which applies to all its activities.

Fragos S.A. designs a baby line made of organic cotton and bamboo, without the use of pesticides, chemicals or toxic dyes.


At the same time, all stages of its production are subject to quality control and quality assurance in order to ensure the environmental protection and the excellent product quality, caring for our children.

Finally, the new ecological packaging from 100% recycled paper, respects the environment and is promoted and recommended by the company at all points of sale.


We love the environment and we want our children to live in a beautiful world filled with environmental awareness. Our new eco packaging made of 100% recycled paper reflects our belief "nature never goes out of style"